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Our Mosaic Tiled Spa Range

Select Our Standard Spa Range

Freeboard – Skimmer Spas  For residential and semi light commercial use

Overflow – Deck Level Spas  For heavy commercial and residential use

Overflow – Deck Level Vitality Spas  For heavy commercial and residential use

Mosaic Tiled Spas

Absolute mosaic tiled spa products arrive as a pre-fabricated fully tiled plumbed shell, ready for installation and connection to a suitable filtration system wether it be a heavy use commercial, semi light commercial use or a residential application. They are completely free standing and self supporting using our durable stainless steel leg supports, complete with eye ball type height adjustable base feet for ease of levelling. They can be installed above ground and finished with concrete block, timber or Wedi board surround usually tiled to compliment the spa design, in ground using a vault pit or bund type method together with a manhole access giving full accessibility to the back of the shell, or they can be simply placed in ground and back filled with pea gravel. All our spa shells are manufactured from the very best marine grade GRP composite materials to ensure the shell remains solid and dimensionally stable for many years.

Particularly suited for sites with access problems, or for refurbishments or replacements, our spas can be manufactured in sections and then joined back together when situated, with no visible sign of any joins.